Got a product or service idea?

Want to become an entrepreneur? Join our pre-incubation programme and get started today!

Got an idea? Climate-KIC offers a special pre-incubation programme, the Greenhouse, to starting entrepreneurs who have a climate business idea and the motivation to make it happen in the future – but are not fully ready yet.

Whether your idea is not completely developed yet or you need some more time to perfect your already existing business plan, the Greenhouse programme is the place to be.

The Greenhouse is your opportunity to:

  • opp3Create your own business idea related to climate change adaptation and/or mitigation.

  • opp6Work in multidisciplinary teams supported by business coaches to develop and pitch your own ideas as potential business ventures.

  • opp5Be inspired by entrepreneurs and innovators who are already putting their ideas into practice.

Map of Greenhouse Locations

Map of GreenHouse Locations