About the Greenhouse

We believe that entrepreneurial thinking needs to be fostered, that is why we created the Greenhouse. A place for those who want to become entrepreneurs and are ready to start with a concrete idea.

Open to anyone

Whether as national or international, young student, advanced professional or experienced researcher: the Greenhouse is open to anyone.

Climate-KIC funds selected Greenhouse project groups with up to €2,500 and helps them transform their climate innovation ideas into sustainable business models and marketable products or services.

We provide an informal and flexible environment to assess the market potential of your business idea, develop a business model and find out whether entrepreneurship is the future career for you.

Whatever you need, we have the right support for you. If you choose to continue with setting up a real start-up, we even have special programmes to instigate and become successful in your future career as entrepreneur.

The Greenhouse provides support such as coaching, workshops and access to events.

Each project will have a coach assigned, with a fixed number of coaching hours and additional project support. This coach has access to the Climate-KIC community. The Greenhouse supports Climate-KIC’s dynamic community through a creative and transformative combination of inspirational activities, incubation, top-quality learning, mentoring, market testing and business modelling.

What to expect if you are accepted into the Greenhouse programme:

  1. Develop a time schedule (6 months) with an action and budget plan

  2. Attend the regular once-a-month progress meeting with the assigned coach or peer Greenhouse programme group

  3. Sign a contract for the funding of the project