1. What can I expect from the Greenhouse Programme?

The Greenhouse is a special pre-incubation programme for young entrepreneurs. It helps you transform your climate innovation ideas into sustainable business models and marketable products or services.

We provide an informal and flexible environment to assess the market potential of your business idea, develop a business model and find out whether entrepreneurship is the future career for you.

2. What is the added value:

You and your team will be equipped with and utilise basic skills required to approach sustainable business creating in a transdisciplinary manner.

You enhance your understanding of entrepreneurship and climate innovation in a semi-protected environment (within a safe test bed for early stage entrepreneurs).

Furthermore, you will utilise the Climate-KIC network to better understand the systemic challenges of climate relevant business.

3. Can I apply as an individual or do I need to apply as a team?

It is required to apply as a team consisting of a minimum of two people.

4. How much funding is available?

Each team will be given up to €2,500 funding in total, to be administered locally.

Funding will be granted in two tranches with €1,500 available in the first three months and then, subject to satisfactory progress, a further €1,000 can be made available. This is extra to any coaching support. In order to receive the financial support, all expenses need to be proved (e.g. by invoices).

5. What other kinds of support do I receive if my team is accepted into the Greenhouse?

Accepted Greenhouse teams receive access to professional business coaching in order to develop their idea further (at least once a month), which includes individual team support as well as the attendance of thematic workshops and networking events. These are mandatory. Some of the locations may offer access to workspace.

In addition to this, they become part of a motivated and dynamic community of likeminded individuals.

6. Who covers and organises my travel to the workshops?

In case you are not located in one of the Greenhouse locations, you need to organise and pay for your travel from your home city or country to attend the local Greenhouse workshops that will take place approximately once a month. At least one team member needs to attend these in person.

7. How long will Greenhouse support be for?

Greenhouse support will be for 6 months, with a stage-gate at the 3-month stage and frequent progress reporting.

8. Will there be a mid-term review?

Yes, there is an evaluation taking place half-way through the programme, as mentioned in the previous question.

This will be assessed either in form of a pitch or presentation or by other comparable means.

9. I am not a student, but rather a professional. Can I still apply?

Yes! We believe that diversity enriches our pre-incubation Programme, including in terms of career level. We welcome not only students from Master level and above, but also applicants with professional experience.

10. When will the new teams start?

New teams (Intake 4) will start in September 2019. The last batch of teams Greenhouse end the programme at the end of January 2020, accordingly. Exact dates vary, depending on the location and will be communicated by your local coordinator.

11. When will I find out if my application has been successful?

We run a 2-stage application process – first your written application with be reviewed by a jury. You will then be informed in early September if you have made it through to the next round or not. Interviews will be held in the 2nd week of September 2019.

12. Is there a waitlist?

No, there won’t be a waitlist. You can reapply to the programme in the following round again.

13. Who do I contact, if I have location-specific questions?

You can always contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mailbox for any type of questions. In case you have more programme-specific questions, please always look for the contact details of the local managers of your Greenhouse locations on the website.

14. I have been accepted to the programme, but my team cannot participate in the Greenhouse.

Please inform us as soon as possible in case you and your team are unable to participate in the programme.

15. What is the language of the programme?

The official language of the programme is English. Individual team coaching may be conducted in the national language of the hosting country if preferred by the team.

16. Do I receive a certificate by participating at the Greenhouse?

Participants completing the programme will receive a certificate at the of each round.

17. Is this a start-up competition with a cash prize?

No. This is a start-up programme around climate entrepreneurship with educational components. All teams are encouraged and supported to apply for subsequent Climate-KIC programmes, such as the Accelerator. Please take into consideration that you are not eligible to take part in various programmes simultaneously/ at the same time.

18. What is the approximate workload per week?

The Greenhouse is a flexible programme and applicants should hold a job or study. Workshops and coaching will take place at least once a month and teams are encouraged to work around 2-4 hours per week on their project idea, but are generally free to arrange their times.

19. Do we support visa applications to attend the Greenhouse from outside Europe?

No we don't. All applicants need to already have a visa for the country they apply for.